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Research Methods 

Review of observational and experimental techniques used in studying infants and children. Students are introduced to research at relevant ZWIFLY global affiliate companies and gain experience in research and design methodologies.

Students choose a topic under the supervision of ZWIFLY global mentors and write a research proposal.


Introduction to Entrepreneurship 

An experiential learning class providing a framework for understanding the entrepreneurial process. We explore challenges and issues faced by global entrepreneurs. Students identify and evaluate business opportunities with global ZWIFLY affiliate companies. Students develop a pitch and write a business plan.


Directed Research Study/PRACTICUM

Students complete a research study or project under the direction of the ZWIFLY advisory team and the ZWIFLY global affiliate company and/or research institution.


How does it work?

ZWIFLY connects students and companies though its innovative curated strategic learning opportunities and guided research collaborations. At ZWIFLY our students are already ahead of the curve as they begin projects and research collaborations with purpose.

ZWIFLY students come from a variety of top colleges in USA and they get an edge on success through our international perspective and our unique national and global collaborations. Students come from diverse majors, from Psychology to Communication Sciences, Marketing, Arts, English, Neurosciences, etc. At ZWIFLY, we believe that it takes time to build and maintain relationships and to develop successful projects from start to finish.

ZWIFLY training involves several potential steps and has many advantages for students, educational institutes and global companies. Our training takes place in various phases, with each phase typically designed to be the equivalent to a typical university level course (3 credits).  Given the modular and curated nature of our training and programs, we are able to provide qualified students a custom fit. We work closely with the home educational institution, not only to develop strong collaborative partnerships but also to ensure the success, timely graduation and satisfaction of students. Get the ZWIFLY global edge.


Step 1
Are you currently a student or recent graduate?


Step 2
Set up a time for a complimentary consultation. You will tell us about your career goals and objectives.


Step 3
ZWIFLY will send you list of possible courses and potential global mentor team designed to fit your various career goals. Our courses are designed to help you make the connections you need to succeed and integrate curated projects designed with our global affiliates.

ZWIFLY students are trained in various aspects of basic research methodology and entrepreneurship though active learning processes. Our curated courses combine on-line and hybrid approaches.