Why we do it.

We watched eager students searching for internships and experiential learning opportunity. Students spent months searching on their own for the right opportunity. Sometimes they applied for thirty internships and did not hear back from one. Students did not consider remote global internships or experiential learning with small companies. Colleges had no connections with these small companies. We understood why.

At the same time, small companies did not have Human Resource Departments to select, train, and educate students. Small start-up companies had meaningful projects for qualified students but they did not have the time to translate these projects into learning objectives and supervise student projects.

We believe that meaningful connections are the key to success and experiential learning. That’s why we founded, ZWIFLY. We make the connections.



Felix is a Junior attending a small college. He recently changed his major from Biology to Psychology and would like to pursue a PhD. During summer, Felix lives at home with his parents in New York City. Felix contacts three research laboratories to gain summer research experience. Felix never heard back from Laboratory 1 and 2 and Laboratory 3 had no openings. Felix contacted his college mentor, Prof. Sommer, for advice. Prof. Sommer recently received a prestigious NIH Grant to research fish interactions in Malta. His laboratory is full. Professor Sommer suggested, ZWIFLY.

Felix discusses his goals with his parents and then with a ZWIFLY advisor. Felix discusses his interest in autism. Felix then signed up for several on-line ZWIFLY courses that fit his busy schedule and earn him college credit. A ZWIFLY Affiliate Company based in Italy develops communication tools and products. ZWIFLY has identified a curated experiential learning project that Felix can complete from New York City in collaboration with the Italian company. Felix is connected. Before pursuing graduate school, Felix decides to move to Italy to work with the ZWIFLY Affiliate Company.


Gloria, 20

Gloria is a sophomore attending college in Alabama. She is a Neuroscience Major planning to attend graduate school. Gloria receives a message from her college announcing a three week intensive hybrid course,“International Perspectives on Developmental Neuroscience Research and Entrepreneurship.”  One week of the course takes place in Germany. The program is offered by ZWIFLY.

Although she is 62% German according to her Grandmother, Anke, Gloria has never been to Europe.  In Germany, Gloria visits various cities and laboratories. She makes many new connections. Gloria learns about the international research and start-up landscape. One start-up company, ZEHR GUT CODING, teaches young children how to code. Gloria decides to research how children’s ability to code influences divergent thinking skills.

Gloria learns new approaches to research. She practices skills such as research communication and proposal development. She also learns about various grant and graduate school programs. She had never considered graduate school in Europe, but she is amazed by the various programs and resources. Gloria returns to USA for the semester. She registers for a Direct Research course through ZWIFLY and earns academic credit though her affiliated college. She writes a research proposal under the supervision of ZWIFLY global mentors and in cooperation with ZEHR GUT CODING – a ZWIFLY affiliate company. Supervised by ZWIFLY mentors, Gloria pursues her research as part of her Honors Thesis. She publishes her results in a leading international journal.

ZWIFLY sends Gloria details about various PhD programs in Europe. When she arrives back to college, she begins taking classes in Elementary German. Gloria applies to graduate school in Germany. She accepts a PhD position in Berlin. She immediately begins a new research project with ZEHR GUT CODING in collaboration with her new university in Germany. 


Min, 19

Min is a freshman college student in China. She is a music minor and business major. She hopes to own her own record label one day. Min thinks that she may like to spend a year at a college in the United States. She is a nervous about taking courses in English and does not have many international contacts. Min signs up for a ZWIFLY online class on Entrepreneurship. It is curated to fit her interests in music and entertainment. She earns college credit from her college in China.

During the course she begins a curated project with the ZWIFLY affiliate company, Tuff City Records, based in New York City. The next year, Min feels more confident. She decides to spend the year at a small private college based in Manhattan. Min registers for several courses at the college. One of these courses is Directed Study offered by ZWIFLY. As part of this course, Min completes an advanced curated project with the ZWIFLY affiliate company, Tuff City Records. This project is co-supervised with several ZWIFLY global mentors. Min now plans to complete her MA degree in USA pursuing her dream. That is music to our ears.